About us

Welcome to a new world of swimwear with ZASHA

We think bikinis around the world gets way too little love, who doesn’t love a tanned body with a gorgeous bikini or swimsuit on top, I know we do!

We got a big passion for bikinis and why cover up something as beautiful as the female body, less is more we like to think.
With these thoughts in our minds while creating the brand, what better place to choose for our base than sunny Dubai!

ZASHA is a brand-new swimwear brand bringing you pieces of love to add to your wardrobe, we got our inspiration from exotic places around the world such as Hawaii, Australia and Indonesia and made sure we got top quality in our fabrics.

We can’t wait to see ZASHA all over the world on all over you!

with love and respect,


Founder of Zasha Swimwear remodeled clothes with friends for fun already in elementaryschool.....where it all started....since then she became more determined and started to step by step work towards making a dream & love for aesthetics come true.

While still in school she became restless and ordered clothes and bikinis from wholesalers and ran the whole business from her home: photographing, packaging, mailing,writing thankyou notes to go with all orders.

She wants to inspire YOU. Be bold and take risks. Walk where only angels dear to tread. Nothing and nobody will ever be perfect so ”life is a work in progress” one dream at a time, one day at a time, one action at a time and NOW she is here presenting her fabulous collection of ZASHA SWIMWEAR 2018. Here she goes now with her first webshop ”life is work in progress” one collection at a time.

Who is she & what’s her name ? Maybe you know, maybe you dont know.